Course Features

✦ Designated Canadian teaching materials
✦ Authentic and customized teaching by Canadian teachers
✦ Highly interactive classes stimulating the study intersts in children


Course Features

This course is in accordance with the official teaching materials designated by the education curriculum in British Columbia and Alberta.

Before the official class, our teacher will run a trial session with individual student to find out their current study levels and provide suggestions for their study plans.

Communication Skills

By the end of the program children will be able to speak and express their opinion on:

different genres of music

eating habits and healthy food

fantasy world and tell stories about mystical creatures

different countries, their traditions, customs, languages, culture


Students will be able expand vocabulary on the following topics:

Fantasy world

Natural disasters

Films and cartoons

Unusual professions



Students will be able to master the following grammar:

Present Simple

Past Simple

Present Continuous

Present Perfect

Structure and conjunctions of complex sentences